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Extreme Medicine

Alexander V AKLEEV

Urals Research Center for Radiation Medicine (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

DSc (medicine), professor

Areas of expertise:

radiation biology, radiation medicine, radiation safety

Special awards and honors:

"Order of Friendship"

Honorary title "Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation"

Breastplate “Academician I.V. Kurchatov "4th degree

Breastplate “A.I. Burnazyan "

Breastplate “Gold Cross of FMBA of Russia.

"Order of Honor"

Laureate of the budget of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology (2017)

Significant publications in last 5 years

1. A.V. Akleyev. Early signs of Chronic Radiation Syndrome in residents of the Techa riverside settlements. Radiat Environ Biophys. 2021 May; 60 (2): 203-212. doi: 10.1007 / s00411-021-00897-8. Epub 2021 Mar 7.

2. A.V. Akleev. Early diagnosis of chronic radiation syndrome. Medical radiology and radiation safety. 2020.Vol. 65. No. 5. P. 21–28. (Russian)

3. A.V. Akleyev, M.O. Degteva. Radioecological consequences of weapons-grade plutonium production at the “Mayak” facility in the Russian Federation. J Radiol Prot. 2021 Jun 1; 41 (2). doi: 10.1088 / 1361-6498 / abdfbb.

4. A.V. Akleev, I.A. Shaposhnikova, I.V. Churilova, A.N. Grebenyuk, E.A. Pryakhin. The effect of the superoxide dismutase preparation "Rexod" on the number of CFUs in irradiated mice. Radiation biology. Radioecology, 2021, volume 61, no. 2, p. 158-166. (Russian)

5. A.V. Akleyev. Specific features of medical care provision to the population of the Techa riverside settlements. J Radiol Prot. 2021 Jun 16.doi: 10.1088 / 1361-6498 / ac0c02. Online ahead of print.