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Extreme Medicine



DSc (medicine), professor, Corr. member of RAS

Areas of expertise:

neurology, neurophysiology, neurosurgery, healthcare organization

Special awards and honors:

Laureate of the Prize. N.I. Pirogov of the Russian State Medical University for the best scientific work (1998)

Laureate of the Moscow Government Prize "Best Scientific Work in Health Care" (2005)

Order of Honor (2008)

Winner of the World Stroke Organization Award (2011)

Order of Merit for the Fatherland, IV degree (2018)

Medal "For Contribution to Strengthening the Defense of the Russian Federation" (2019)|

Pirogov Order for a great contribution to the development of health care, organization of work to prevent and prevent the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), many years of conscientious work (2020)

As well as certificates of honor and gratitude from the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, medals of federal ministries, departments and services.

Significant publications in last 5 years

1. Dmitrieva V.G., Stavchansky V.V., Limborska S.A., Dergunova L.V., Povarova O.V., Skvortsova V.I. Effects of ischemia on the expression of neurotrophins and their receptors in rat brain structures outside the lesion site, including on the opposite hemisphere // Molecular Biology. 2016. Т. 50. № 5. С. 684-692. (Russian)

2. Skvortsova V.I., Shetova I.M., Kakorina E.P., Kamkin E.G., Boyko E.L., Alekyan B.G., Ivanova G.E., Shamalov N.A., Dashyan V.G., Krylov V.V. Reducing mortality from acute disorders of cerebral circulation as a result of the implementation of a set of measures to improve medical care for patients with vascular diseases in the Russian Federation // Preventive Medicine. 2018.Vol. 21.No. 1.P. 4-10. (Russian)

3. Karkishchenko VN, Pomytkin IA, Gasanov MT, Stepanova OI, Klyosov RA, Ogneva NS, Savchenko NS, Skvortsova VI. The combined use of leutragin and pulmonary surfactant-bl increases the survival rate of animals in the model of fatal acute respiratory distress syndrome // Biomedicina. 2020.Vol. 16.No. 4.P. 52-59. (Russian)

4. Morgunov L.Y., Denisova I.A., Rozhkova T.I., Stakhovskaya L.V., Skvortsova V.I. Hypogonadism and its treatment following ischaemic stroke in men with type 2 diabetes mellitus // Aging Male. 2020. Т. 23. № 1. С. 71-80.

5. Mironova-Ulmane N., Chikvaidze G., Skvortsova V., Elsts E., Popov A.I., Sildos I., Vasil'chenko E., Kareiva A., Muñoz-Santiuste J.E., Pareja R. Optical absorption and raman studies of neutron-irradiated gd3ga5o12 single crystals // Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms. 2018. Т. 435. С. 306-312.

6. Nishtar S., Niinistö S., Sirisena M., Vázquez T., Skvortsova V., Rubinstein A., Mogae F.G., Mattila P., Ghazizadeh Hashemi S.H., Kariuki S., Narro Robles J., Adewole I.F., Sarr A.D., Gan K.Y., Piukala S.M.U., Al Owais A.R.B.M., Hargan E., Alleyne G., Alwan A., Bernaert A. et al. Time to deliver: report of the who independent high-level commission on ncds // The Lancet. 2018. Т. 392. № 10143. С. 245-252.