Mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2 effect on human body: unobvious pathogenetic links

Ushakov IB1, Parfyonov AN2, Bondarenko RA2, Komarevtsev VN3,4
About authors

1 Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center of Federal Medical Biological Agency, Moscow, Russia

2 Research and Testing Center for Aviation Space and Military Ergonomics, Moscow, Russia

3 Russian Center for Disaster Medicine “Zashchita” of FMBA of Russia, Moscow, Russia

4 National Medical Research Center Rehabilitation and Balneology, Moscow, Russia

Correspondence should be addressed: Igor B. Ushakov
123098, Russia, Moscow, Zhivopisnaya str., 46; ur.abmfcbmf@vokahsui

Received: 2020-07-19 Accepted: 2020-07-29 Published online: 2020-08-19

The authors formulated a hypothesis about an important link in the pathogenesis of COVID-19, in which the increasing hypoxia and an acute response of the body like a general adaptation syndrome, accompanied by systemic pathological changes, including dangerous disorders of rheology and blood coagulation, play a key role.

Keywords: neutrophils, cytokines, coronavirus, lymphocytes, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, hypoxia general adaptation syndrome, cortisol immunity, monocytes