Issues of climatic and geographical adaptation of athletes

Samoylov AS, Petrova VV
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Russian State Research Center — Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center of Federal Medical Biological Agency, Moscow, Russia

Correspondence should be addressed: Victoria V. Petrova
Rogova, 18, Moscow, 123098, Russia; moc.kooltuo@hcarvtrops

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Author contribution: Samoilov AS — study concept, final editing; Petrova VV — raw data analysis, manuscript writing and editing.

Received: 2021-12-10 Accepted: 2021-12-20 Published online: 2021-12-22

The problem of optimizing the functional state of an athlete, who often travels to the training venues and competition sites, is an integral part of the system for ensuring the maximum efficiency of his professional activity. An athlete, who lives and trains in central Russia, the next day may find himself at the competition halfway around the world, in any climatic zone or time zone. This review details the stages and terms of the adaptation of athletes; criteria of the athlete's adaptation to the new climatic conditions and geographical settings are provided. The existing adaptation models are presented, together with the recommended method for diagnosis and control of climatic and geographic adaptation in athletes.

Keywords: climatic and geographical adaptation, jetlag, professional athletes, pharmacological support, physiotherapy