SWOT analysis of organization of anti-doping measures in the context of medical and biological support of athletes

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1 Federal Research and Clinical Center for Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation of the Federal Medical Biological Agency, Moscow, Russia

2 Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow, Russia

Corresponding author: Anna A. Pavlova
B.Dorogomilovskaya st., 5, Moscow, 121059, Russia; ur.abmftrops@aaavolvap

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Funding: the study received financial support under the State Assignment No. issued by the Federal Medical Biological Agency of Russia

Author contribution: A.A. Derevoedov - study concept, selection and analysis of the published research reports, article authoring; A.V. Zholinsky - article editing, approval of the final version thereof; V.S. Feshchenko, I.T. Vykhodets - approval of the final version of the article; K.A. Stashchuk - selection and analysis of the published research reports; A.A. Pavlova - manuscript editing.

Received: 2022-11-24 Accepted: 2022-12-18 Published online: 2022-12-30

The anti-doping efforts on the part of medics should be constantly improved, which means the exploration and analysis of ways to increase the effectiveness of such efforts should be constant. SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) is one of such ways. It investigates internal problems and resources of an organization and the influence of external factors. This study aimed to improve the anti-doping efforts based on the analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, taking into account external threats and directions of development. We have conducted an express SWOT analysis of anti-doping work in medical organizations of the Federal Medical Biological Agency of Russia and compiled a simple matrix. The factors under consideration are internal, which can be controlled, and external, which are often uncontrollable but should be accounted for. We identified the most significant factors influencing organization of this line of work, compiled the SWOT matrix that allows assessing the possible resources for intensifying the anti-doping work, determined its strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities imposed by the environment in this activity takes place in. The express SWOT analysis enabled evaluation of the factors that have the greatest impact on the organization of anti-doping work. Informational and educational programs, including workshops for medics and monitoring of their level of knowledge, can be the key line of activity in the context of such efforts.

Keywords: countering doping in sports, SWOT analysis, medical and biological support for the training of athletes, training of athletes