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Extreme Medicine

Valentina N OLESOVA

First Vice-Rector,
A. I. Burnazyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center (Moscow, Russia)

DSc (medicine), Professor, Moscow, Russia

Areas of expertise:

Dentistry, implantology, healthcare organization, medical education

Special awards and honors:

Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation
Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation
Russian Government Prize in Science

Significant publications in last 5 years

1. Olesov E.E., Kaganova O.S., Mirgazizov M.Z., Olesova V.N., Fazylova T.A. The effectiveness of eliminating dentoalveolar anomalies in primary school children. // Medicine of extreme situations. 2020; 2: P. 170-178 (Russian)

2. Alexandrov M.T., Olesova V.N., Dmitrieva E.F., Namiot E.D., Artemova O.A., Akhmedov A.N., Razumova S.N. Problematic issues of assessing the hygienic state of the oral cavity and their clinical solution. // Dentistry. 2020; 99 (4): P. 21-26 (Russian)

3. E.E. Olesov, E.V. Ekusheva, A.S. Ivanov, V.N. Olesova, R.S. Zaslavsky, A.A. Popov Features of the results of electromyography of the muscles of the maxillofacial region and psychological examination in persons of stressful occupations. // Clinical dentistry. 2020; 3: P. 108-112 (Russian)

4. Martynov D.V., Salamov M.Ya., Olesova V.N., Losev F.F., Ivanov A.S., Zaslavsky RS, Morozov D.I. Comparison of the precision of standard and custom titanium abutments. // Russian Bulletin of Dental Implantology. 2020; 3-4: P. 4-11 (Russian)

5. Ivanov A.S., Maksyukov S.Yu., Olesova V.N., Salamov M.Ya., Martynov D.V., Olesov E.E. Microstructural analysis of the surface of implants removed due to peri-implantitis. // Russian dental journal. 2021; 1 (25): P. 5-11 (Russian)