Surgical care arrangement at the general hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic

Nakatis YaA1,2, Ratnikov VA1, Kashchenko VA1, Lodygin AV1, Mitsinskaya AI1, Mitsinskii MA1, Akhmetov AD1
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1 L.G. Sokolov Memorial Hospital № 122, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2 Saint Petersburg State University, St Petersburg, Russia

Correspondence should be addressed: Alexandra I. Mitsinskaya
Leninsky prospect 127/4, k. 48, Saint-Petersburg, 198216; ur.xednay@2102traahsas

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Compliance with ethical standards: the patient submitted informed consent to treatment.

Author contribution: Nakatis YaA, Ratnikov VA, Kashchenko VA — study concept and design; Mitsinskaya AI, Mitsinskii MA, Akhmetov AD — data acquisition and processing; Lodygin AV, Mitsinskaya AI, Mitsinskii MA — manuscript writing; Kashchenko VA, Lodygin AV — manuscript editing.

Received: 2020-10-18 Accepted: 2020-11-11 Published online: 2020-11-29

The spread of caused by SARS-CoV2 acute respiratory infection associated with severe life-threatening complications has necessitated transformation of most general hospitals into infectious diseases hospitals in order to provide specialized care to infected patients, as well as the change of surgical care provision strategy. The example of surgical service reorganization has been reported for the general clinic transformed into the infectious diseases hospital capable of providing care both during the COVID-19 pandemic and after the outbreak has abated.

Keywords: coronavirus, surgery, COVID-19, pandemic, SARS-CoV2, surgical procedure