Key parameters of autologous biomedical product for cartilage tissue repair

Eremeev AV1, Zubkova OA1, Ruchko ES1,2, Lagarkova MA, Sidorov VS, Ragozin AO
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1 Federal Research and Clinical Center of Physical-Chemical Medicine of Federal Medical Biological Agency, Moscow, Russia

2 Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, Moscow, Russia

Correspondence should be addressed: Artem V. Eremeev
Malaya Pirogovskaya, 1a, 119435, Moscow; ur.xednay@veemere-tra

About paper

Funding: this work was part of the State Assignment for the Federal Research and Clinical Center of Physical and Chemical Medicine (2019–2020).

Acknowledgements: we thank Bogdanov AYu, quality assurance deputy director of Microgen Research and Production Association for his consultation on quality control in the production of biomedical cell products.

Author contribution: Eremeev AV — supervision; Zubkova OA — data acquisition; Ruchko ES — data acquisition, references; Lagarkova MA — editing; Sidorov VS — market analysis; Ragozin AO — analysis of published clinical studies.

Received: 2020-09-02 Accepted: 2020-10-02 Published online: 2020-11-20

Repair of cartilage defects associated with injury or pathology is a clinically relevant problem. Chondral tissue, especially articular cartilages, has a poor regenerative potential. Inflammation triggers the growth of connective tissue, which cannot exert the normal function of the hyaline cartilage. This contributes to the progression of the pathology and eventually raises the need for surgery. At present, there are no pharmaceutical drugs capable of restoring the damaged cartilage. However, advances in cell-based technology hold promise for regenerative medicine. Reports describing fabrication of autologous cartilage transplants pose a special interest. A registration dossier of a biomedical cell product must contain the product’s specifications, presenting the basic characteristics of the product that can be used to assess its quality. This review looks at a few basic parameters that can be used to verify the authenticity of the cell product derived from autologous chondrocytes and describe its specifications.

Keywords: cell culture, chondrocytes, donor tissue, biomedicine, cell product, biomarker expression