Organ-sparing excision of pediatric testicular teratoma

Poddubnyi IV1,2, Tolstov KN2, Fedorova EV2, Trunov VO, Khanov MM, Malashenko AS, Sytkov VV2, Mager AO2, Ranshakov AS2
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1 Federal Scientific and Clinical Center for Children and Adolescents of the FMBA of Russia, Moscow, Russia

2 Evdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, Moscow, Russia

Correspondence should be addressed: Mamai M. Khanov
Moskvorechye, 20, Moscow, 115409; ur.liam@00_8

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Author contribution: Tolstov KN, Khanov MM — concept, manuscript writing; Khanov MM, Tolstov KN, Malashenko AS, Sytkov VV, Mager AO, Ranshakov AS — data acquisition and processing; Poddubnyi IV, Tolstov KN, Fedorova EV, Trunov VO — manuscript editing; all authors approved the final version of the article.

Received: 2021-05-10 Accepted: 2021-05-24 Published online: 2021-06-05

Pediatric testicular masses are rare pathologies. Many physicians, facing such masses for the first time, have trouble choosing the algorithm of assessment and surgical treatment tactics. Extent of surgery and surgical approach depend directly on preoperative assessment results. The clinical case of the incident testicular mass surgical treatment in a 15-year-old boy is reported. The patient underwent laboratory and instrumental examination, the results of which confirmed a benign lesion. Based on the data obtained, the organ-sparing surgical approach was selected. An assessment algorithm, treatment tactics for testicular mass based on the data obtained, advisability and safety of the organ-sparing treatment approach are reported.

Keywords: pediatrics, children, organ-sparing surgery, testicular mass, epidermoid cyst, testicular teratoma, urology-andrology