Proton therapy for re-irradiation of pediatric diffuse brain stem tumors

Udalov YuD1, Slobina EL1, Danilova LA1, Zheludkova OG2, Kiselev VA1,4, Nezvetsky AV1, Demidova AM1,4, Ivanov AV1, Dykina AV3
About authors

1 Federal Research and Clinical Center for Medical Radiology and Oncology of FMBA, Dimitrovgrad, Russia

2 Voyno-Yasenetsky Research and Practical Center of Specialized Medical Care for Children, Moscow, Russia

3 Russian Scientific Center for Roentgenoradiology, Moscow, Russia

4 Dimitrovgrad Institute of Engineering and Technology of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Dimitrovgrad, Russia

Correspondence should be addressed: Elena L. Slobina
Kurchatova, 5V, Dimitrovgrad, 433507, Russia; ur.liamrmcvf@anibols

About paper

Funding: the article is part of the research project on Creating and maintaining a database of patients undergoing proton therapy for cancer for FMBA, Russia and was conducted under the State Assignment 388-00141-21-00 dated December 24, 2020.

Author contribution: Udalov YuD initiated the publication; Slobina EL delivered medical care and photon irradiation at the first stage of treatment and was responsible for writing the manuscript; Danilova LA chairman of the medical council that proposed treatment strategy; Zheludkova OG pediatric oncologist, that proposed treatment strategy and supervised all stages of treatment; Kiselev VA calculated total radiation doses and their temporal and spatial distribution at all treatment stages; Nezvetsky AV delivered medical care and proton irradiation at the second stage of treatment; Demidova AM planned proton therapy; Ivanov AV responsible for the anesthetic support of the patient's radiation therapy sessions; Dykina AV planned photon therapy.

Received: 2021-10-04 Accepted: 2021-11-12 Published online: 2021-12-07

Currently, there is no cure for pediatric diffuse brain stem (BS) tumors. Radiotherapy, including proton therapy, is an important component of combination treatment for this cancer, especially in children with a complicated medical history. The article addresses the issues of therapy for pediatric BS tumors and reports the use of proton re-irradiation in a 9-year-old boy with unverified diffuse BS tumor. Proton re-irradiation is an effective treatment option that can sustain and improve the quality of life and prolong survival in children with diffuse BS tumors.

Keywords: diffuse brainstem tumor, re-irradiation, proton therapy