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South Ural Institute of Biophysics (Ozersk, Russia)

CSc (biology)

Areas of expertise:

radiation protection, dosimetry of ionizing radiation, emergency response to radiation situations, radioactivity in the environment

Special awards and honors:

Russian Federation Government Award in Science and Technology

Significant publications in last 5 years

1. Romanov S.A., Efimov A.V., Aladova, E.E. Ishunina M.V., Khokhryakov V.F. "Plutonium production and particles incorporation into the human body" Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 2020. Vol. 211, p. 106073.

2.Vasilenko E.K., Aladova E.E., Romanov S.A., Gorelov M.V., Kolupaev D.V. "The radiological environment at the Mayak PA site and radiation doses to individuals involved in emergency and remediation operations after the 'Kyshtym Accident' in 1957" Journal of Radiological Protection, 2020. V. 40 No. 2. S. R23-R45.

3. Vasilenko E.K., Aladova E.E., Vostrotin V.V., Sokolnikov M.E., Efimov A.V., Romanov S.A. »Radiation and risk (Bulletin of the National Radiation and Epidemiological Register). 2019.Vol. 28.No. 2.P. 61-74. (Russian)

4. "Analysis of the results of monitoring the content of long-lived radionuclides in the body of the inhabitants of the Ural region" Dyogteva MO, Tolstykh EI, Suslova KG, Romanov SA, Akleev AV, Radiation hygiene. 2018.Vol. 11.No. 3.P. 30-39. (Russian)

5. Hiller MM, Woda C., Bougrov NG, Ulanovsky A., Romanov S.A., Degteva MO, Ivanov O. “External dose reconstruction for the former village of Metlino (Techa River, Russia) based on environmental surveys, luminescence measurements, and radiation transport modeling ”, Radiation and Environmental Biophysics. 2017.Vol. 56.No. 2.P. 139-159.

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