Development of the COVID-19 Real-Time RT-PCR Testing System

Shuryaeva AK1, Malova TV1, Davydova EE2, Savochkina YuA1, Bogoslovskaya EV1, Mintaev RR1,2, Tsyganova GM1, Shivlyagina EE1, Ibragimova ASh1, Nosova AO1, Shipulin GA1, Yudin SM1
About authors

1 Federal State Budgetary Institution "Centre for Strategic Planning and Management of Biomedical Health Risks" of the Federal Medical Biological Agency, Moscow, Russia

2 I. Mechnikov Research Institute of Vaccines and Sera, Moscow, Russia

About paper

Funding: the study received funding from the Strategic Planning Center, Federal State Budgetary Institution under the Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia

Received: 2020-07-15 Accepted: 2020-08-13 Published online: 2020-08-19
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