Paget-Schroetter syndrome in female water polo player

Rodionovskaya SR, Torosian GG, Aksenova NV
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Federal Research and Clinical Center for Children and Adolescents, FMBA of Russia, Moscow, Russia

Correspondence should be addressed: Svetlana R. Rodionovskaya
Moskvorechye, 20, Moscow, 115409; ur.liam@ayaksvonoidor

About paper

Author contribution: Rodionovskaya SR supervised the study, wrote and edited the manuscript; Torosian GG collected data for the study and compiled the reference list; Аksenova NV collected data for the study.

Compliance with ethical standards: the patient gave voluntary informed consent to participate in the study.

Received: 2021-01-15 Accepted: 2021-02-17 Published online: 2021-03-13

This article describes a case of Paget-Schroetter syndrome in a female water polo player. The condition was associated with strenuous exercise. The initial treatment strategy was limited to a 14-day heparin regimen followed by a course of diosmin and sulodexide. The article discusses the high risk of post-thrombotic syndrome in this cohort of patients and the rationale for a surgical intervention.

Keywords: thrombosis, sports, thrombolysis, Paget–Schroetter syndrome