Concept of medical psychophysiological examination of personnel of nuclear facilities

Torubarov FS, Bushmanov AYu, Zvereva ZF, Kretov AS, Lukyanova SN, Denisova EA
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State Scientific Center of the Burnazyan Federal Medical and Biological Center, Moscow, Russia

Correspondence should be addressed: Zoya F. Zvereva
Pestelya, 9, ap. 146, Moscow, 127490; ur.xednay@10averevz

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Author contribution: FS Torubarov, ZF Zvereva — data processing and article authoring. All authors participated in the discussion of the results.

Compliance with ethical standards: the study was approved by the Ethics Committee of the State Scientific Center of the A.I. Burnazyan Federal Medical and Biological Center (minutes #32s of October 31, 2018); all human research procedures conform to the requirements set by the institutional and/or national committee on research ethics and the 1964 Declaration of Helsinki and its subsequent amendments.

Received: 2021-02-19 Accepted: 2021-03-02 Published online: 2021-03-20

Ensuring safety of the facilities employing radiation and nuclear hazardous technologies is a priority task for medical organizations serving these facilities. To perform safely at their jobs, it is important for the personnel of nuclear facilities (NF) to have their central nervous systems functioning flawlessly. Certain categories of nuclear industry workers are required to undergo compulsory annual medical examinations (ME) and psychophysiological examinations. This study aimed to develop a concept of psychophysiological examination of NF personnel allowing to assess the central nervous system's functional status. The study involved three groups of nuclear corporation employees (male) counting 720, 364 and 24 people aged from 46 ± 5.3 to 49 ± 6.1 years. The report describes the suggested concept of psychophysiological examination of the specified category of workers, discusses goals, objectives and the procedure of such an examination at all stages of compulsory ME, covers the developed hardware and software sets. The proposed methodological approach is evaluated through consideration of the results of psychophysiological examination of the specified category of workers.

Keywords: workers, nuclear facilities, psychophysiological examination, concept, functional state, central nervous system